Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another reason to miss Trader Joe's

Thank God for Trader Joe's. I am going to miss them so much when we move... hopefully it won't be too long til KC gets one. I have to rave about this latest find that I picked up on a whim during my last trip. This Trader Joe's Chicken Gorgonzola totally saved me in a pinch tonight.
2 chicken breasts, with chopped roasted tomatoes, portabellas, gorgonzola cheese and a light pesto sauce goes from freezer to table in 8 minutes and it's the perfect amount for two. The sauce would go nicely with a side of pasta - but we actually poured it over a little steamed broccoli for an extra veggie fix. The best thing - the chicken gorgonzola has all natural ingredients - no Yellow 5, high fructose corn syrup or nitrates or nitrites or whatever that crap is packaged in. Totally did not taste like a frozen meal.
The verdict: better than a Lean Cuisine any day.

4 Say It Loud & Proud:

Heidi said...

There's no Yellow 5 in it?

...nevermind then.


Leslie said...

No yellow #5.... or Blue #2. I think one serving was about 320 calories! Score.

Erica said...

I would do anything to get a Trader Joe's in Kansas City! This looks especially yum!

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's is 90% of what you want in Whole Foods without the size or the intimidation factor. And at least in Atlanta, their meats could often be bargains.