Friday, September 11, 2009

Restaurant Weekend

We're hitting up a few places this weekend with both some local and out of town friends - I can't wait!

Friday will be Floataway Cafe. I'm eyeing the marinated roasted peppers, ellijay apple and endive salad, warm cheese gougeres, local fig pizza with maytag and prosciutto, and the wood grilled quail. How's a girl to decide.... We're going to bring our bottle of Caymus Zinfandel with us. Hell to the yeah.
Tomorrow night will be the much anticipated Rathbun's with a good friend of mine from Philly who's coming in from out of town. I'm semi-embarrassed we haven't made it down there yet, seeing as the chef is semi famous and the restaurant has received so much praise. I didn't know Chef Kevin Rathbun himself was born and raised in good ole Kansas City... a man after my own heart to say the least! Eggplant steak fries with confectioner's sugar, coriander roasted pork belly, roasted bone marrow (Bourdain's fave and a curiosity of mine), and the Maine Lobster and roasted chile soft taco are all looking pretty tasty.
Maybe I should just commit myself to gaining 15# this weekend.
I'd really like to get to Woodfire Grill before we leave but not sure if it will be happening. Stay tuned for reviews!

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