Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bonnano Sale

Although I'm sure this is all over by now, I thought it was worth posting anyway -- from our friend Vivian. Hello, Hello! You might want to share with your readers:Our annual Sunfest Sale is next week. May 1 - 4 $20.00 OFF every pair of Bonanno's 4 ways to order: On-Line: Toll Free: 866-313 FEET (3338) Come into the Stuart Boutique @ 3 SW Osceola St. Downtown Stuart Pre-Order to beat the crush(all orders will go in the first day of the sale) Happy Spring. Vivian

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Mrs.Preppy said...

Thank you for this info! Looks like this is just what I need to make my first Bonnano order.

Candace said...

Great work.