Sunday, April 27, 2008

Music Association

We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, takes us to another place in time. Everytime I hear that song, I go back....
The other day, we were discussing music association on a message board I frequent. The query: "Complete this sentence. Every time I hear the song "xxxxx", I am reminded of ____________________. Here are my answers. Whenever I hear "Mo Money Mo Problems" I am reminded of frat parties my freshman year at Mizzou. Whenever I hear "Little Moments" by Brad Paisley I am reminded of how much I love my husband. (Note - this is not the actual video, but it's the only one I could embed from YouTube.) Whenever I hear "Wind Beneath My Wings" I am reminded of my best friend from grade school to high school. I think we watched Beaches a thousand times. Whenever I hear "Babydaddy" by B Rock and the Bizz I am reminded of mornings in the sorority house with Heidi and Sarah. Whenever I hear "Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters, I am reminded of my two MOHs and all the time we have spent shaking our booties to that song. Whenever I hear "Jump" by Van Halen I am reminded of doing Saturday morning errands with my dad when I was a kid. He always let me turn it up real loud. Whenever I hear "Tiny Dancer" by Elton I am reminded of all of our friends back home and hanging out at Gilhouly's by KU Med. Whenever I hear "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly I am reminded of my senior year in high school, as I was getting ready to graduate and leave for college. This was also the time when my parents started their divorce proceedings. My mom always said this was her song to me. It makes me cry every time. What are YOUR songs?

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MUKDlady said...

Love your post!!
Whenever I hear "Can I get A..." By Jay-Z, I think of you, Leslie as well as that creepy Fiji dude that coined the phrase "Can i get a girlscout!" ...Didn't I go to Fiji formal with him? Geez, how you forget after 10 years!!!

Emma Sue Pants said...

I'm pretty sure you know most of mine.
#1 Of course the Sissor Sisters, reminds me of my ladies.
#2 "Here I go again on my own" by Whitesnake. It reminds me of 5th grade and my little boyfriend Jim Hart. And also of you and Mander because of "like a twister" on our girls trip to Grandma's condo.
#3 "Me so horny" reminds me of college and Tanz.
#4 "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker and "Last Dance" by Donna Summers reminds me of road trips as a kid and mostly my Dad because he loved those songs.

Ah, the memories....
See you on Friday!

ro said...

Love this post!

1. Making Love Out of Nothing At All: the bar in college. My sorority sisters and I had hand motions. (yes, was as lame as it sounds).

2. Rumpshaker: Padre Island for spring break '95ish.

3. Cherry Pie: Off campus lunches in high school (we weren't old enough to drive, but my friends boyfriend was a senior and let us take his car)