Sunday, September 9, 2007

Everyday America

Last night, Mr. Soup and I went to one of our most anticipated shows of the summer... Kenny Chesney with Sugarland! I linked the latter for you because they've recently busted up the charts on the country music scene, but aren't quite as established as Kenny just yet. Due to extended beer consumption in the parking lot, we missed Pat Green, the first opener, who is also great... but I was super psyched about Sugarland and Kenny.

Sugarland is fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Atlanta native Jennifer Nettles, who I happen to think looks quite a bit like Kirsten Dunst. In a word, she is a ROCKSTAR! (She has a loft just down the street from our neighborhood, which I think is
tres cool. She also sees the same service advisor I do at the Decatur BMW Dealership. OMG! Can we say 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon anyone?) I saw the band about three years ago when they were an opener at a station event in KC. They have come quite a ways since then. I am thrilled that Sugarland has made it big, seeing as Miss Nettles spent thankless years on the road with her bands Soul Miner's Daughter and The Jennifer Nettles Band. It's about time for someone with such kick ass vocals to enjoy the limelight. I'm sure you'll recognize some of their more popular hits Who Says You Can't Go Home and Baby Girl. She is a performer who truly knows how to work the stage and entertain... not just stand up there and sing! We caught most of their performance, and it was a treat. I'd go see them again anytime. We were lucky enough to catch my favorite Sugarland song, Everyday America. Give 'er a listen if you haven't heard it on the radio already.

On to the main event, Kinny Chessney (as he says it.) I. Love. Kenny. We saw him at Kemper Arena in KC a few years back with Gretchen Wilson and he was freakin' awesome. It's no wonder that he has won multiple 'Entertainer of the Year' awards from the CMA and ACM organizations, because he puts on a rockin' show, not to mention his music. Here is how the stage looked right before he came out:

That's the only quality pic I have, because I was taking them with my phone... but as you can see we had pretty durn good seats! Anyway, on with the show. He opened with Beer In Mexico which was uber convenient because it is my current fave Kenny song. Mr. Chez has been around for awhile, which makes for a great concert, because every song played was a hit. Last night's show was the last of their tour... and lucky for us because we were graced with some very special guests!

I'll start small: The Georgia Tech Marching Band came out and joined Kenny on a tune or two, during which time Jennifer Nettles served as the baton twirler. We also enjoyed the musical stylings of the GA Tech Glee Club, lucky us! :-) Seriously though, I admire any young man willing to be a part of any group with the word "glee" in the title these days.

Then, in a surprise move, my favorite morning news anchor came out and busted out some serious cowbell with Kenny! For those of you who don't know, I have an utter obsession with CNN (more on that later), so seeing one of my fave anchors person was so cool. Robin got her start with the NBC affiliate WMAQ in Chicago, so I watched her in my formative journalism years. She has a sparkling personality that suits her perfectly for her morning news anchor position, and in turn I watch her nearly everyday. So, Robin Meade, in person, playing the cowbell...bonus!

Last but definitely not least, guitar player Joe Walsh of Eagles fame knocked a few out on stage last night too! The ol' man can definitely kick it... but, um, his wardrobe of a polyester rainbow-colored snake print shirt may need to be updated a bit.

Seeing as the show was the last engagement of the Flip Flop Summer Tour, Kenny spent the last 20 minutes of the show hugging band members, shaking hands, etcetera. As an audience member, this wasn't exactly what I was hoping for in terms of an exciting ending. I wanted to hear a big hit, rock it out, and then go home. Sadly, we were kind of left standing there waiting to see if he was going to play another one. No such luck. Oh well, will have higher hopes for the next show.

We'd had a late lunch, so by the time was over, we were starving. Our evening was topped off with a little late night Mexican and a Corona Light. At this point I will ignore the little voice in my head daring me to make a "Beer in Mexico" reference...

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