Friday, September 7, 2007

It makes me ill.

I was listening to V-103 this morning on my way into work. A news report says that apparently, a new gang initiation "challenge" is to pour flammable liquid on a puppy's back and light it on fire. My heart is just broken. I have no words. Animal cruelty seems to be everywhere these days. Sadly, it always has been everywhere, it is just more in the spotlight as of late. I tried to watch Amores Perros the other day, an indie flick which has received rave reviews from critics. I had to turn it off after ther first five minutes... if you have seen it, you know why. If there is an upside, dogfighting-related arrests have increased since the Michael Vick scandal was unearthed. Give your beloved four-legger an extra scratch behind the ears today.

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atlanta social said...

I became physically ill with that movie.