Monday, August 10, 2009

Varasano's Pizza

We had the pleasure of trying Varasano's Pizza this past week with a friend. In a word (or two): quite tasty. I'll give you a quick rundown:

Drink Menu: versatile, inventive.
Bar Service: attentive.
Table Service: Par for the course, annoyingly suggestive. I want to order what I'd like to order, not what the server wants me to order. If you don't want to serve it, don't put it on the menu.
Appetizer Selection: limited, decent salumi.
Pizza: Some of the best I've had in Atlanta. Super thin, hot, bubbly slightly charred crust. Crisp, not floppy.
What we ordered: Nana's with sausage & roasted red pepper, white clam, and finally the caramelized onion with emmenthaler cheese and mushrooms.
Wine: Stephen Vincent Crimson for $6/$28. A great glass of full-bodied wine for the price, I'll be seeking it out in my local wine store.
Promo: Tweet or update your Facebook from the table and show your server - get a free slice of cake. Genius.... nearly free exposure for the cost of - literally - a piece of cake.
The cake itself: Skip the boozy Italian Cream Cake and go for the chocolate.
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Anonymous said...

Looks great! And the pizza's not too bad either. -HPFN