Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tasty Wines On The Cheap

A few weeks back we picked up a Vinotemp wine cooler at our trusty neighborhood warehouse club. We've started to add a finer bottle or two to our, erm...collection (if you could call it that), and we thought it only right that these little babies be stored properly. The nice thing about this unit is that it can be used as a standalone, or it can be installed underneath your kitchen counter because it has a front exhaust. Someday, this lil' lady will be staring out at me from my brand new designer kitchen, complete with Ceasarstone quartz countertops, a prep sink on that huge island I'll have, maybe a copper exhaust hood.... am I getting carried away? Anyway...someday. Times being what they are, we've had our eye out for some easy drinkin', big flavored everyday wines that are friendly to the pocketbook. We've found a couple real palate pleasers that are well worth your $10 or $15 bones.

McManis Cab is the first that bears mentioning. We were tipped off on this one by our friends Brad & Ashley a few months ago during our trip to Napa & Sonoma. even though we hadn't caught our eye until recently, it seems to be everywhere now. What I like about it is that its a nice big cab but it will only run you about $9-12 max. We just picked up a bottle of the Pinot Noir tonight as well, so once we give that one a taste, I'll be sure to post the update.
This second one's a real charmer at just $5.99 a bottle. Mallee Point Cabernet comes to us from Down Under. I was floored when I found out it's made by the same folks who produce Yellowtail. Personally I think it's about 50 times better than the standard Yellowtail - it's got a nice full body and some flavors of chocolate and dark fruit. (How official did that sound!!) For 6 smackers, it can't be beat.

For you whitey lovers, pick up a bottle of NO Sauvignon Blanc. Typically selling for between $7-9, this wine skips the oak barrels and malolactic fermentation (big fancy wine words) and what's left is a crisp, citrusy beautiful white wine that would be perfect for sipping with grilled shrimp or maybe even some guac and chips.

Thank God wine is good for your heart. I must have the healthiest heart in three counties!!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for this post!! I am in need of several bottles of wine and was wanting to try something new :)

Heidi said...

Great post!

My sister and I recently found an amazing cabernet at Wal-mart for $2.97! We thought it was a joke and when we tasted joke. Seriously good. I buy 5-6 bottles at a time now!