Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok so the story below has still been weighing heavily on my mind.  I called the vet where Murphy the dog is being cared for - he is being taken care of at Pets are People Too in Dunwoody, GA.  They told me that the kind person that found him in the park has taken ownership of him and is organizing fundraising efforts for his care.  More info should be available later in the day through WSB-TV as well as the AJC.

Poor guy.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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Jagged Diary said...

Please let us know more about the fundraising. I love that the person who found him wants to keep him!!

Leslie said...

Hi Leslie. I saw the story on Murphy today and was so heartbroken and appalled to hear what happened to him. I'm glad he's in good hands now, and that he has a loving home to go to when he gets better. Thanks for the update.