Monday, November 12, 2007

Pomegranate Guacamole

K, so Blog Soup is not officially a food blog, but food and cooking are topics I like to discuss from time to time. Tonight is one of those times. Plus, things have been kind of dead around here (which is not a bad thing), so the excitement of cooking every night is what is bringing substance to this blog right about now. (And I suppose if this were a real food blog, I would have pictures. But I don't, so use your wild imaginations!) I write this as the hubs and I are happily snacking on a bowl of pomegranate guacamole. Pom Guac is probably in my top three favorite apps of all time. Just a sec, must go back for one...more...bite... ...Okay I'm back. The only reason I pried myself away from the bowl was that it was almost gone and I'm feeling nice so I let the Mister have the last bite and a half. So let me tell you about the world's most delicious guac. It's not traditional... oh no, you will not find any tomatoes or garlic in this one, senor. Pom Guac is a true gourmet guac, and it literally bursts into your mouth with freshness. Get a load of these ingredients: One avocado, mashed Two green onions, finely chopped Half of a cucumber (seeds removed), diced 3 T. of cilantro, finely chopped salt and pepper Arils (lovely juicy seeds) of 1/2 of a pomegranate Combine all ingredients and season to taste. Top with additional pomegranate arils if desired. I like to serve with the Hint of Lime Tostitos. (Hint: click the link and you'll also find some great tips on how to peel a pom without staining your favorite shirt.) That's it. Wonderfully simple and healthy. Ok so the chips are probably not so healthy, but you could serve it with celery sticks or some other crunchy vegetable if you absolutely must...but I advise against it. Like I said, it literally bursts in your mouth with freshness: the juciness of the arils and the subtle flavor of the cucumber make this dish tops in my book. Pomegranates are only in season in the fall, so get on it yesterday!

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atlanta social said...

I will take the advice on the chips.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Oh, this does sound good!

Emma Sue Pants said...

Oh yay, now I have the pom-guac recipe. That stuff is sooooo frickin' good. Can't wait to make it myself!