Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome To My New Layout

Beinvenidos a mi new layout! Enjoy the Warhol kitschiness. I'm still working out the kinks...I wish it was more of a banner-ish type top, but the graphic was too good to pass up. Thanks to my friend Toddys for the graphics help. Hopefully Blog Soup should be a bit easier to read now. Have a great Labor Day weekend... I should have some fun stuff to report come Monday eve.

3 Say It Loud & Proud:

Sarah said...

Looks great! I've been wanting to change up my layout, too (and have even considered asking Toddys for help with a banner :-). Can't wait to see you this spring!

Jessica said...

Leslie- This blog ROCKS. You are such a funny girl...i love it. I read your posts, and hear your voice and personality loud and clear :) And your loft is great.. the colors, and patterns are tres fantastique. nice work. keep enjoying atlanta (for me).

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Love the new look!