Wednesday, August 29, 2007

From Oscar to Olive Oil

Last night I had dinner at Ecco with a new friend of mine who is an associate editor at Atlanta Magazine. The mag, which happens to be the oldest city-themed magazine in America, just did a redesign and looks fabulous if I do say so myself. Her job is so fascinating that of course the conversation instantly turned towards work, and I quizzed her about all the fun things she gets to do as editor. Not only does she coordinate all of the magazine's fashion shoots and write articles, but I came to find out that this past Monday night, she got to interview (drumroll please...) Oscar de la Renta! OMG! AB at Atlanta Mag officially has the coolest job EVER. So now I am officially one degree from Oscar. Sweet. But on to Ecco. What a beautiful, warm dining room it is. Situated on a cute corner in Midtown, Ecco makes for the perfect date spot. Food is authentic and the pastas and pizza doughs are made fresh on premises. We attended for Midtown Restaurant Week, and I'm happy to say it was a prime choice. My meal was comforting, but I simply must rave about the dessert. I chose the olive oil cake with rosemary ice cream and orange marmalade. Magnifique! The true standout was the rosemary ice cream; fragrant, sweet, and a bit savory all at the same time. Definitely a must have if you ever visit Ecco.

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atlanta social said...

Glad you liked it.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Oh, that dessert sounds SO unique and good!