Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Justin! Bring Sexy Back Already! Geeez!

Ok, so last night was the JT concert that I've been anxiously awaiting. After a fresh & yummy dinner under 475 calories at Seasons 52 in Buckhead (I had the grilled halibut and summer corn risotto), we headed up to the Arena at Gwinnett. My friend Ashley from work and her darling sister Melanie graciously agreed to tote the Mister and myself, so props to Ash for commandeering the JT train. Good Charlotte was the opener, and quite frankly none of us cared, as we arrived just as the man himself took the stage. (Sidebar: the only reason I might've remotely cared is if G.C. girlfriend Nicole Richie decided to come on stage and show herself in her preggo glory. No such luck though.) Now let me tell you, there is nothing like walking into a concert and literally feeling the anticipation of the artist taking the stage. Justin ascended straight out tha' stage and after a little opening phunkadelic, busted right into "My Love," which I happen to think is one of his finest tunes. Cheers to Justin's A/V crew, who did a fabulous job really making this a show more than just a concert. The show was in the round, and JT did a great job of showing his fine ass to the crowd. I'd have to say my fave was "What Goes Around," which went a little something like this. Ladies, the rumors are true, that boy can really shake a tailfeather. Amen! As a nice layer of icing on the cake, Timbaland came out and DJ'ed during halftime, and did not disappoint.

Of course you can't attend a pop concert without some minor drawbacks. Although I loved the show and thought my ticket was worth the price, I could have done without:

  • seats directly behind a gaggle of 4th graders
  • hoardes of waaaay too short skirts on ho-ish looking young ladies. Get some class already!
  • $8 beers (wait wait, don't misconstrue. Beers I must definitely have. $8 beers are questionable.)
  • JT playing til after 11:30. Seriously. There was a point where we looked at each other and were just begging for him to play SexyBack and get it over with. He played it, left the stage, and came back 30 seconds later for an encore. That was the point where we kissed the man goodbye. I mean, when the 4th graders are even falling asleep, it's time to check out.

Overall a good show. I think it will pale in comparison to Michael Buble though. Fabulous Fox Theater, here we come!

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Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Um, you didn't tell me you were coming to STL! What gives?

Leslie's Cooking Adventures said...

I just imaging that "sexy back" song going on and on and on and on and

atlanta social said...

I just sent you two emails. I want to make sure you got them, because the first did not go thru when I sent it several days ago.

Leslie said...

No emails ATL social. I just tried sending you another one from your blog.

atlanta social said...

Ok, not sure what is going on with my gmail account. I will send it from my work account and hopefully that will fix the problem.

Emma Sue Pants said...

I'm so jealous you saw him in person! Ash and I have a date to get sauced and watch his HBO special together. I guess that will have to do... P.S. love the links!