Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Best Atlanta Restaurants

Considering that a good portion of this blog has been devoted to Atlanta area restaurants, I thought it proper to post a top 10 list (another one!) before we depart in a few days. So here they are folks, Blog Soup's A-town favorites. I will note that this list is more or less off the cuff... I didn't deliberate on my choices for too long. These are the restaurants that came to mind first.

Most of these are centrally located - so if you're visiting Atlanta, they're easy to find.
10. Two Urban Licks. Great place to take out-of-towners with a hip, urban vibe. I like this place for the environment more than the food. Quintessentially Atlanta.
9. Canoe. Focus on local, fresh, in season. Comfortable dining in a gorgeous setting right by the Chattahoochee. Admirable wine list. Good seafood selections.
8. JCT Kitchen. Deliciousness in every course. Fantastic bread from The Bread Garden, upscale Southern comfort food. Fried chicken and angry mussels are to die for. Great bar upstairs!
7. Alon's Bakery & Market. Fabulous cheese and olive selection, great grab & go entrees, delectable soups and sandwiches.
6. The Colonnade. An ATL favorite since the late 1920's, this is my favorite meat & three in town. I wake up at 3am craving their yeast rolls and butter on a regular basis.
5. Hal's for Steaks. Skip the snootiness of Bones and/or Chops and head for a place that will give better service and phenomenal steaks in a hard-to-find laid back environment. The piano player and regulars in the bar add to the charm.
4. Varasano's Pizza. Only been there once, but the pizza was better than any other pie I've had in the ATL. Hot, thin and crispy.
3. One Midtown Kitchen. Another Concentrics creation, this is also a goodie for the out of town crowd. Reasonable prices, consistent quality and innovation are among One's best traits.
2. Sotto Sotto. My choice in town for Italian. Superb lemon chicken in the best neighborhood in ATL - Inman Park.
1. Rathbun's. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. Only wish I'd had more chances to visit!

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EmmaSuePants said...

Ummmm, hope you had some JCT fried chicken for me one last time. Damn, that sounds sooooo good right now!