Monday, March 9, 2009

Rosa Mexicano

Headed over to Rosa Mexicano in Atlantic Station this past Friday night. I love Mexican so I was excited to try a new place. Rosa goes for the upscale Mexican vibe. The decor is nice - nothing special. We ordered a pitcher of sangria as well as some tableside guac (a must have). I will say the size of the sangria pitcher was quite generous, which was a welcome suprise. The tableside guac is probably their most popular item and for good reason. It was fresh, had nice pieces of avocado and was made well. We asked for medium spiciness but I really didn't detect any heat at all. There were two salsas served on the side-- a green salsa that had lots of heat (yummy) as well as a red salsa that was way too smoky.

The service was attentive for the most part, except towards the end when we were trying to get our check. More on that later. For dinner, I ordered the appetizer sized rolled chicken tacos to share with my sister in law. They were pretty basic -- came with a queso fresco as well as some crema and some nice green salsa. Mason got the Chamorro, which was a pork shank that was touted as "crispy and marinated". The flavor was just ok -- there was really no "crisp" on the outside, but it was very tender. Julie, my sister in law, had the pork tacos. They came with some nice pickled onions, but overall, they were very meh.
We had to feed a meter before we went into the restaurant, so hubs set a reminder on his phone to go back out and feed it before it expired. He ran over to where our car was parked to find a meter maid just waiting to write him a ticket with one minute left on the meter. UGH. He pumped some more change into the meter, bought us another 15 minutes, and headed back to the restaurant. That's one thing to note -- change does not buy you a lot of time in Atlantic Station. We probably would have stayed longer, but with only 15 minutes left on the meter, we were ready to head out. It was difficult to find our server, but we finally got our check and headed out. With all the other choices for Mexican in Atlanta, I'd probably try a few more places before going back to Rosa Mexicano.
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Heidi said...

I LOVE me some good mexican! Sorry your experience wasn't the best. I LOVE tableside guac too!

Sarah said...

I have to agree that there is definitely better Mexican out there than Rosa Mexicano, but I did have an amazing duck dish there once that was heavenly.

Anonymous said...

at rosa mexicano you must ask for the check at dinner, servers wont automatically drop it.
if you do ever go back, try the tablones, they are the best.