Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPod/iPhone accessory review - Belkin TuneBase FM with ClearScan

While the new iPhone has pretty decent speakers, they just don't do the job when it comes to listening to your iPizzle in the car. Hence my purchase of the Belkin TuneBase FM with ClearScan. I picked it up at Target for about $90 (but luckily had some gift cards).

Upon first impression, I really like this little device. First of all, I like that it stands up straight and doesn't have any messy cords to deal with. Nice, neat package. Secondly, it auto-scans FM frequencies to find a station that will work well. Yes, there's still a bit of static here and there -- which is to be expected, especially in larger cities -- but overall it's a nice addition to my suite of iPizzle accessories. Definitely a must have if you want to listen to your iPod/iPhone in the car.

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Shauna said...

Oh, good to know. I've been wondering about this for my iphone! thanks for the review.

Heidi said...

ooh, Dan has that for his iPizzle!

iPizzle....ha ha ha!