Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta... aka Hot Mess '08


So to say I am absolutely lapping up every last bit of the delicious gravy that is Real Housewives of Atlanta is an understatement.  LOVE this show, and in my opinion it is the worst representation of Atlanta in history.  Or maybe the best, depending on who you are.  Either way, it is 100% pure total trash and I can't think of a better way to spend my Tuesday night.  In fact, last night I was a bit upset that I missed it because we were out with a friend kicking ass at trivia.  Luckily I caught up on all the Southern Fried Cattiness today.  With only one episode left, here are some observations on the frilly five:
Kim:  Ok she's probably my favorite story line going right now.  Girlfriend thinks she is going to waltz right into a recording studio and become an overnight sensation, when she doesn't even know the first thing about music and she smokes brown-filtered 120 cigs INSIDE her townhouse all day.  (And can we talk about the fact that she is in a townhouse??  Everyone else has their McMansion and Miss Barbie Crispwig is chillin in her duplex.)  I think her line to NeNe about being a "low budget bitch" was hilarious and well thought out... but ultimately just retaliation against NeNe's observations regarding her lack of true talent.  My prediction is that Kim will remain Lee Najjar's sugarbaby and her career is going to take off straight into the crapper.
Sheree:  Obviously this woman's sense of "working her ass off" to get her clothing line off the ground means hiring shitty seamstresses and numerous personal assistants to do all of her work for her, and then just looking tired and disheveled as if she had done all the work.  For some reason the fact that she barely ever gets emotional about anything really bugs.  And does she ever actually mother her children?  I can't wait for Mychael Knight to appear next week and give her a good schoolin' on what it takes to get a clothing line going. 
Lisa: I actually like Lisa.  She is sweet, but boring.  Give me the drama!!!
DeShawn: I think Shawnie is the classiest of the bunch.  Every time she is on screen, I am mesmerized by the fact that she can talk without moving her lips at all.  I gotta hand it to her for trying to clear the air within the group by hosting a sunset barbecue (what was with that one really long table?)  That went over like a bag of shit, for real.  I really felt for her when her "Night of A Thousand Stars" totally bombed.  Lesson learned I suppose, you got to charge people for charity tickets!  I did think it was a little odd that her giant mug adorned the front of the invite.  Klassy.
NeNe:  Love me some NeNe.  Out of all of them, I think she is the most down to earth & realistic.  Give me some three snaps in a Z-formation please.  She called it on Kim, and I'm glad Kim retaliated just for the drama factor, but sister had it right on about her talent.  It will be interesting to see how the season wraps up between the two of them - the preview hinted at a nice looking cat fight.  Bring it!
I would like to thank the fabulous Heidi for inspiring this post.  I KNOW she has some great insight into this show and I can't wait to read all about it!

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Jen said...

Glad that someone else agrees with me that Big Poppa has to be Lee Najjar :)

I'm ashamed to admit my addiction, but I still think Orange County is my favorite.

EmmaSuePants said...

Loves it! NeNe is definitely my fav.

Heidi said...

Girl, you just saved me the hassle of documenting this hot mess!

Here's an FYI I was going to add: Did you know that Lisa's ex-husband is R&B has-been, Keith Sweat? And they have 2 kids. Keith wouldn't let them be on the show, though. That's why it only shows her new baby.

Penny is DETERMINDED to figure out who Big Poppa is! I hadn't heard about Lee Najjar! said...

I had heard that Big Poppa was the man you mentioned, but I had also heard alot of people had said it was Quincy Jones....had anyone else heard that? This show is the worst representation of your city! Where the hell did they find these women? The person I dislike the most on the show is Sheree. This woman is seeking 7 figures from her ex!! She needs to get a life! And why the hell did she invite the ex to the fashion show of non fashions?

Leslie Ann said...

Ok, I said I would not watch but I have been watching the marathon today since Ed is out of town.

Lisa is fine. Totally love NeNe. Since I love staring at train wrecks.

The others, OMG. So sad that Duluth is being shown as Atlanta.

Golddiggers. And then some.

Can't wait for the OC to come back.

Leslie Ann said...

Also, the firm that my sister works for is representing Sheree in the divorce. To funny.