Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Your Food Coma on at Fogo

I can't imagine my life without red meat, which is why I will never become a vegetarian. Just can't do it. That being said, it's hard for me not to like Fogo de Chao. I am a diner that loves to have lots of choices, and Fogo is just perfect for that. You don't have to settle on just one thing, and samples of everything are ripe for the taking. Though I'm sure most of you are familiar, Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse featuring many different fire-roasted meats, lots of fresh veggies, some traditional and non-traditional sides, as well as a fairly admirable wine list.
Let's start with the salad bar. I love that it's not your standard lettuce/tomato/cucumber kind of place. I'm a huge fan of the parmesan wheel, the endive and butter lettuces, the fat asparagus, fresh mozzarella and the homemade dressings. The ranch is cool and creamy and the parmesan peppercorn has a nice sharp flavor. The basil dressing is to die for as well. The bar is always fresh and is presented quite well. With the many servers they have walking around the place, it is well tended to to say the very least. I also must make mention of the parmesan brioche rolls served at the table. O...M...G. These are flippin fantastic. The bread is so light and airy and the parmesan is perfectly melted within. I could eat like 17 of them.
Now on to the meat. Oh, meat. Fogo serves over 15 varieties of chicken, sausage, pork, lamb and beef. There is truly something for everyone. Personally, I like beef the best so that's what I concentrate on. My attitude is that you might as well get your money's worth. As for the non-beef choices, I prefer the lambchops and the pork tenderloin. I have found the sausage, chicken, and pork rib dishes to be a little less than satisfying... and with so many other choices, I would just rather move on. The top sirloin is a favorite, but nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING tops the beef ancho ribeye. I love a little crust on the outside of my red meat, and the ribeye's is mouthwatering. Absolutely nothing could add to it -- it is perfection in itself. Love love love it. The only beef I would really pass on is the bacon wrapped filet... it comes in small chunks and every time I've had it, it's usually overcooked and dry. Not one of their strong points unfortunately. For me it's all ribeye, all the way.
Lunch and dinner menus are the same. We've been for both... personally I say go for lunch -- it's $29.50 per person vs. the $48.50 per person charge for dinner. Eat your big meal during the day... maybe when you don't have to go back to work... and save yourself the $20 and spend it on some nice wine. Hubs and I had a half bottle of the J. Lohr Cab with our lunch... nothing super outstanding, but a nice addition to the meal nonetheless. Fogo de Chao on Urbanspoon

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Leslie Ann said...

It really is a food coma. I love the salad bar.

Are you going to Harvest Midtown or Hot something or other in Glenwood Park Oct. 4?

If you are going to either one I want to hook up. And drink. :)

Emma Sue Pants said...

Normally, the Brazilian Steakhouse is a dream to me but these days red meat is not my friend. Turns the good ole stomach. It actually brings a tear to my eye. So everyone, eat extra meat for me!

tooshytostop said...

Thanks so much for your review of Fogo de Chao! Did you know that another location opened up in Baltimore? Too Shy to Stop writer Natasha wrote a review, which you can read here.