Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sala Closed, Reacquired by Fifth Group

I was disappointed to hear today that Sala in Virginia Highlands has permanently closed. It was right down the street from our old apartment, so hubs and I were known to make semi-regular visits there, one of which was reviewed here. The restaurant was sold in mid-2007 by Fifth Group, and now has been reacquired by them. Looks like Shaun Doty of Shaun's in Inman Park and the aforementioned Fifth Group will be opening up The Original El Taco in the space, so it should be interesting to see how that turns out. Read my friend Steakhead's full account of the latest and greatest here. Well done. (ahem). I'm hearing that Sala was doing lots of those half price gift certificates. If you're stuck with one, Fifth Group Marketing Director Michael Erickson says, "Fifth Group Restaurants has taken the property back and is in the process of reconcepting it to open under a new name in the coming weeks. If you have purchased a certificate, please contact Stuart Fierman at 678.302.3207 for further instructions on how to redeem them."

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