Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bottoms Up

Hubs and I have been wanting a bar cabinet for some time, and we finally got one! It was just delivered today from the good folks at Crate & Barrel. I lurrrrve it. It makes me want to have a cocktail every night when I get home from work. Maybe I'll do just that.

Fully opened, nicely stocked:

The top folded up and the doors closed:

Side View with wine glass, in-door and wine storage:

The left side, with room for taller or fatter bottles:

My artsy shot:

Who wants a cocktail?

3 Say It Loud & Proud:

MUKDlady said...

Um yes, I'll have a Grey Goose and Tonic....hold the tonic!

Leslie Ann said...

Love it! Fully stocked bars are the best.

Jessica said... i am officially updated on your life...lost your cake, was gifted a cake, ku wins, and now you've got a super cool cocktail station in your lovely home. So when shall i come over? Happy Anniversary to you and Mason...did you get our card? :)