Sunday, April 6, 2008

At least I may profit off of this

The Kansas Jayhawks are on their way to the National Championship! Rock Chalk! Congrats to KU and all of their loyal fans. Although I graduated from KU's arch nemesis of the Big 12, hubs and I have an agreement that we root for each other's teams... unless they're playing each other. It keeps us out of counseling. The Final Four game was a good one, but I'm just not sure how they lost that 20 point lead... probably because I was too busy making friends with Ketel One and ginger ale. I picked KU and Memphis for the big game, so as it stands I am winning my office pool.

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Mrs. STL Sarah said...


MUKDlady said...

This post doesn't even warrant a comment. I "second" what that pink and green loafer says!!

Emma Sue Pants said...

Rock Chalk!!! Awesome game last night! Sorry for the crazy phone call. I really couldn't hear anything because of the yelling and bad phone reception. And I won Smithers office pool too! Yay!