Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lugano Tote

I am very tired of schlepping my work materials & proposals around in my arms, so I have decided it's time for me to invest in a business tote. This will give me a more pulled together look for appointments and also for that moment when my boss catches me walking in late to work, which is pretty much daily. A gal at my office has a super cute basic black tote that looks to be of very high quality, so being the inquiring girl I am, I asked her where she got it. "It's actually from Franklin Covey," she said as she began to point out all the uber-convenient features for me. Now I have seen some UGLY women's business totes. I mean, that crap at Office Depot should not even be an option for anyone. I wasn't going to settle for any of that junk. After poking around on the Franklin Covey website a bit (apparently people still use datebooks?), I found the gem pictured above. First let me say that I love love love green - it is my favorite color. Plus I have tons of clothes, coats, etc in black, so I thought this punchy green would be a great splash of color with some of my outfits: very eye catching, yet chic. Now I am a bit annoyed because I can't get any better pics of the bag to download, so I kindly invite you to visit here, where you can see some additional images. The side view pic is probably my favorite, and you can also see the cute lining inside. I doubt I will be using the shoulder strap much; I'll probably just sling 'er over my forearm. I believe they're having a sale right now on totes because I got an automatic discount at checkout.

2 Say It Loud & Proud:

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Love it! Green is my favorite color too. Enjoy, such a nice tote!

Emma Sue Pants said...

Cute tote! Me likey.