Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it April Fool's Yet?

Because I cannot believe. NASCAR now offers a line of women's shoes. After seeing this, I am strongly considering dedicating Blog Soup to all things ridiculous, and this one certainly ranks near the top. According to my friend Leslie, each of these styles could be easily worn by a woman at an RV party in the infield donning a string bikini and mardi gras beads. Ladies, start your engines: Green means go! I present to you the Nascar Arlene. Can you see the checkered flag on the silver piece? And if that wasn't enough, the inside is branded with the NASCAR logo as well. And here we have the NASCAR Wendy. The checkered flags add so much to the style of this piece. Feast your eyes on Venus! I think I saw these down at the Cheetah a few weeks ago. Don't overlook Judy. Those flags are handstitched after all! Last but not least, the quintessential daytime stripper shoe, the Eva. All of this fine footwear can be purchased at Zappos.com. If you dare.

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