Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Leslie K, reporting to you directly from Atlanta.

This past weekend the sister-in-law was in town for a conference. I love it when people travel for conferences, go for like 2 hours, and then spend the rest of the time doing absolutely nothing productive. Those are my kind of people, people. So anyway, while she was in town, we took her to some of the places we love to take visitors. Two Urban Licks. Mary Mac's for fried chicken... the best I have had so far in Atlanta. Their mac & cheese, not so much though. (Personally I am also really wanting to try the fried chicken at JCT Kitchen and Watershed.) We also went to improv at Whole World Theatre which is a complete riot.

Saturday afternoon, however, was my treat of the weekend; better than any dessert I could have had at any of the aforementioned restaurants. Sister-in-law wanted to do something touristy and Atlantan. After weighing our options (Georgia Aquarium, Margaret Mitchell House, World of Coca-Cola) we decided on the CNN Studio Tour. Now let me give you a little background here folks. I have an unnatural obsession with CNN and Headline News. It started in my late high school / early college years. First it was, you know, just a little Headline News before I went to bed. Then I started to dabble in a bit of Lou Dobbs. That led to a morning ritual of Robin & Company. Before I knew it, I was a full blown CNN addict. It was totally out of control.

Ok maybe that's a teensy bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, I watch it all the time. My republican friends are probably rolling their eyes right now... I have heard it referred to as the Clinton/Communist News Network many a time in the past. (Of course I will not disclose my political inclinations on this blog.... but who I voted for on Super Tuesday may certainly surprise some of you....Sarah!) Anyway, if Fox News would just get their schit together, they might have a chance up against CNN. But that political set? Give me a break. It was probably built in someone's backyard. Moving on.... oh yes, back to my addiction. My CNN sked is usually as follows: Morning Express with Robin Meade in the mornings (love her), maybe some CNN Newsroom when I get home, and of course AC 360 and the occasional Larry King as I tuck into bed. Don't worry, I watch actual TV too. Not to mention that I was a journalism major in college, so that really fueled the fire. Needless to say, this visit to CNN has been about 10 years in the making.

Although we couldn't take pics on the actual tour, CNN World Headquarters is quite the place. It takes up a whole city block and there is a hotel inside the building. It also boasts the worlds longest escalator. The tour started off in the control room theater, where we got to see what about 8 different cameras were shooting, and we could also hear the director talking into the earpieces of all the reporters getting ready to go live. Next was the weather/special effects area. We found out why weathermen don't wear green shirts, and also how they removed Lt. Dan's legs in Forrest Gump. Very eeenteresting. My favorite favorite favorite part of all of it was seeing the newsroom and the reporter's desk. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon, the whole room was abuzz. It was so great and it really reminded me of why I majored in journalism. Although I'm in advertising now, it was hard not to want to go back to what made me choose my major in the first place. Someday.

More pics for your viewing enjoyment:

Mason, Larry and Glen:

AC and I on assignment:

It's going to be cold and blustery on Robin's bewb today:

Live from Atlanta, this is Blog Soup.

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MUKDlady said...

Ok, you caught me! I did roll my eyes a bit! :>) But it was only because you were touching Robin's boob in that picture!!!