Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Up To You, New York....

The Mister is turning the big 3-5 this weekend, so in order to have a proper celebration, we decided to make pilgrimage to our #1 favorite city... New York! (Also topping the Mister's favorites list are Washington DC and Hutchinson, KS; but we will say NYC for the sake of this post.) Anyway, yippee! I am beyond excited. This is all kind of last minute, which makes it so much more fun :) I think it's the energy of the city that really gets me going. It is impossible not to feel completely ebullient ($10 word) when walking the streets of the Big Apple. In order to make the most of our trip, we've started planning out some of the things we're going to do... which I'm hoping will pay off since we will be there for just a few short days. Apparently my anal nature transfers over to my traveling self as well. The city is just so big and there is so much to do that it's easy to let the day whiz by without feeling like you've actually done a thing. However, sometimes those are the best days too. Since we've already done quite a bit of the sightseeing/touristy type of NY stuff, this trip will be more centered on enjoying the neighborhoods of lower Manhattan... where all the character is if you ask me. :) Some of the places we'll be visiting:

  • Dinner with friends at John's of 12th Street in the East Village. Red & white checked tablecloths, classic Italian food, lots and lots of flowing vino. Is this heaven? No, it's New York.
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take in the magnificent view. Lunch at Grimaldi's Pizzeria at the base of the bridge afterwards. Sunday lunch will most likely be at Lombardi's at 32 Spring Street back in Manhattan so we can compare pies. We go to Lombardi's every time we go to New York, and now it's time to test the pizzas of the two of the oldest places in the city. The diet is obviously out the window for this weekend.
  • Visit the Museum of Sex. What can I say...only in New York.
  • Self guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, including a visit to the narrowest house in NYC (9 1/2 feet) and also a stop & salivate in Murray's Cheese Shop. (Am I sensing a culinary theme here?) Hoping to get in for a tour of their under-street cheese caves, but I hear it's a hard ticket to come by.
  • A stop at one of our favorite NYC pubs, McSorely's Old Ale House, founded in 1854. Their is a 1/2 inch thick layer of dust on some of the stuff behind the bar, not kidding.
  • Experience gourmet euphoria with a walk around the Chelsea Market. I am so excited to see what they have in this million-square-foot industrial/chic warehouse... most notably, home of Food Network!
I promise to be a good blogger and come back from our trip armed with lots of pictures........and perhaps a pair or two of new shoes. Cheers!

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Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Have fun! Remember when we were at McSorley's during Fleet Week? Love those cutie sailors! Oh, and we also played that game where we'd pick out guys and guess where they were from. That was the funnest night. Light or dark?

Emma Sue Pants said...

Dude, McSorley's was totally on Three Sheets, the NYC NYE Pub Crawl episode. For anyone that hasn't see Three Sheets, it's on MoJo and it's frickin' great. That is if you like drinking and fun people.