Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Update

Fun things to report today!

First of all, I got to meet Carrie Underwood on Friday! She was here at our station promoting her new album, Carnival Ride. Now I am not a huge American Idol fan, but I really think that Carrie has broken out of her Idol shell and truly established herself as a force in country music. That girl has some pipes. I particularly love her new song, "So Small." You can see it here. The lyrics are great.

And here is my pic with the star:

Second, the hubs and I had an unplanned visit to the Decatur Wine Festival this weekend. So much fun. We hooked up with some of the Mister's work buddies and also brought our cool next door neighbor along with us. Quick rundown of the event: $30 gets you admission, your choice of over 200 wine tastings, nibbles from local restaurants and a commemorative glass. (The latter I lost somewhere along the way.) The weather was perfect... 70 and not a cloud in the sky. Is there a better day for sampling 200 wines? I think not. I had mostly reds, my favorite being a grape I had never tried before... Pinotage. Apparently the roots of two types of grapes were grafted together to form a new grape. Hints of fruit with a smoky finish. Total yum all around. Probably good that the event was only from 1-4, because otherwise Decatur would have 1,500 sloshed peeps roaming their town. On that note, I will say that nearly everyone I talked to at the wine fest was in a fantastic mood. I guess the vino has a way with people...

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Anonymous said...

Is she as skinny as they say?

I know she lost a lot of weight since AI.

Leslie said...

She is SO that skinny. She's petite, so I suppose it looks okay on her, but I would tend to agree with those that say she's lost a little too much weight since AI. Another thing, she had a ton of makeup on.