Sunday, October 7, 2007

ONE. You're like a dream come true

Friday night marked our first visit to ONE. Midtown Kitchen. This restaurant has been on my fridge list of "want to tries" for awhile... especially since I am such a fan of Two Urban Licks, which is owned by the same restaurateur. First off, I must say I love the atmosphere at One. It's still got the earthy warehouse vibe that Concentrics has made so popular here in Atlanta, but it's much smaller and cozier than Two. My favorite part was the long, dimly light lightbulbs hanging over the main dining area. They gave the restaurant such a great warm, urban fall feel without being over the top robot funky. We started off with cocktails (surprised?) with every intention of trying a few items off the wine list for which they are so well known. I had a gin martini flavored with grapefruit and ginger, while the Mister enjoyed a honey bourbon mint julep. It was outstanding, and yours truly does not even like whiskey! The menu overall is fairly simple & fresh, and it changes daily. I love that. It's a great way to gauge the freshness of the restaurant's food and also the creativity of the chef. The Mister and I decided that the stroganoff appetizer would be a great way to start. My mom made beef stroganoff for me all the time as a kid, and I still make it to this day. I enjoy trying variations when they're available. One's version was delectable: fall apart beef short ribs served with a rich brown sauce over linguini with cornichons. Yum. So far sooooo good. Dinner wise, I had the best entree I have enjoyed in some time. I had worcestershire Bluefin Tuna (medium rare) served with broccolini and parmesan herb fries. The dish was supposed to come with fingerling potatoes, but the parm herb fries looked too good to pass up. Holy mother, it was fabulous. I love worcestershire, and the meatiness of the tuna made me feel like I was eating a steak. The Mister enjoyed the thick cut pork chop with sweet potato hash. The chop was served with some kind of mango salsa.... it was good but not fabulous. I, on the other hand, ate every last morsel of my tuna! Oh and wine! I tried the Concentrics Cab, a wine made specifically for the Concentrics group of restaurants. It was a bit flat at first, but then it opened up beautifully. Mason had a nice zinfandel... red of course! The pink stuff is a farce in my opinion. Last but definitely not least... dessert. I have been a chocoholic lately so I had to order the chocolate grenache cake. Yummy, but not even close to the bliss that was the orange mint chip ice cream that Mason had. OMFreakingG. I think it was the best ice cream I've ever had. I can't wait to: 1) go back to try more or 2) make it myself! Overall... after this visit, One takes the crown as my most favorite restaurant we've tried in the ATL. One Midtown Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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atlanta social said...

One is in our top 5 for sure. You never go wrong there.