Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Nava has been on my list of must-tries since we moved to Atlanta, so needless to say I was excited to sample the Southwestern cuisine. When I read the online menu a few weeks back, the White Corn Asiago Nachos had caught my eye, so I knew those were a must try! We ordered those as an app and they were divine. Melted asiago cheese, smoked pulled chicken, queso cotija (sort of a spicy sauce), tomato and fresh lime... so good. Not that I need any nachos for lunch, or any meal for that matter, but I don't regret ordering them. I think they might actually be something I crave from time to time. For lunch, I ended up with the Adobo Fish Tacos which came with a spicy cabbage and lobster slaw. Mmm! Crispity crunchity goodness complete with a crema that I swear had just a bit of tequila flavor. Notably, the slaw had good size pieces of lobster in it... not just a miniscule flake here and there.

Nava on Urbanspoon Service was just average. The restaurant was not busy, and our server was training a new hire. I guess she was really into the training (read: chatting up the new person) because it took her awhile to deliver drink refills and get our check. I would suppose service would be more timely if the restaurant was busy. Will go back for sure!

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