Thursday, August 16, 2007


So today, this tasty morsel came to our radio station to sing a few diddys for us. Sweet Jeezus, that's entertainment. One of the beauties of my industry is that up & coming artists will typically do a radio tour, where they'll go coast to coast and sing at radio stations for anyone who will listen. On air staff, salespeople, receptionists... doesn't matter, they just want to get their name out. Chuck (or Charlie, as I prefer to refer to him) is certainly having some good luck with that. Left to right, I'm positive that the ladies are simply swooning over his ruggedly handsome looks. Vocally, I would categorize him as the perfect mix between James Taylor & Keith Urban. Also to his advantage, Chuck/Charlie will be appearing on the new Fox series "Nashville," which follows the lives of four or five up and comers in Music City. Tune in (or DVR, as I'll do) for the premiere on September 14th, 9pm eastern. The songster stuck around for about half an hour after his performance to sign autographs and chat a bit. FYI, for anyone interested down the road, his stripper name would be Scooter Sunnyside. Hawt? Best of luck to you CW, you were certainly a treat for us today!

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MUKDlady said...

Good Gawd. He makes me weak!! My TIVO is Set for Nashville!
-H Dubbs