Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History: An Essay In Pictures

Golly gee willigers! Being a jet setting, hawt young female is tough these days. Especially when you have a blog to tend to. I mean, how could it be humanly possible to summarize such a fantastic weekend with my besties by using mere words? As much as I adore the power of rhetoric, to encapsulate this weekend in script would be to blaspheme. Hence, I present you with Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History: An Essay in Pictures. Okay, and it might include the occassional caption. Or paragraph. Whatever. On with the show!

Our weekend began on Thursday night with some casual pizza and beers with Emma Sue and Ash at Fellini's on Ponce. We were waiting for Mander's plane to arrive, so we thought we better hit the local watering hole to make sure we were properly hydrated. Conveniently, this was located right next to La Fawnduh Latina, which is actually a Latin restaurant but provided us with a good laugh.

We ended the evening with some rehashing of Flight of the Conchords, our collective new fave show. They all think Jermaine is hotter, but that's ok because I prefer Bret's delicate features.

Friday morning came quite early, and unfortunately I had to hit up my place of employment for some face time. We did, however, manage to have a lovely 2-martini lunch at Buckhead Diner, where we made our first stop on our whirlwind Tuna Tartare tour. Draw your own conclusions as to whether or not 'Tuna Tartare' became a theme for the weekend... ahem. Then we were then greeted by this friendly fellow on our way home (oops, I mean the lika' sto') from BD... isn't he handsome? He's the mascot for our local car wash.

Then, in an exciting turn of events, we saw this specimen!

Hey lady, Zorro called, he wants his pants back!

Surprisingly enough, I had yet to find the best liquor store in my n'hood, so the besties helped me in my quest. While we were busy collecting the makings for Emtinis and vardka-Red Bulls, we came across this little gem:
Nice find Emma Sue! That one goes out to alllll yooou ladies out there.

Ah, now back to the house to relax. No relaxation during a femme fatale weekend is complete without drink in hand, so we whipped up these beauties so we could get our crunk on.

In case you're interested (and I know you are):

Emtini (named after the famed Emma Sue Pants)

  • Equal Parts Mango Vardka and Fresca Citrus Soda

  • Dash o' Cranberry or Pomegranate Juice
  • Shake or pour over ice. Voila!

By the time Friday PM rolled around, I was ready to get my groove on. I was particularly excited because we had a resi at Two Urban Licks, one of the hottest restaurants in Hottielanta. We were responsible youngsters and called a cab for our transport, simply because we wanted to roll up in style. FYI, I don't reccomend Lenox Cab:

Overall, Two Urban was everything I had expected and more. It was also the scene of Tuna Tartare Tour 2007 Stop #2. Even better than Buckhead Diner! The restaurant is in an old warehouse, so it gives that uber funktastic Sex & The City vibe. See how trendy and bored-model looking we are here? So hawt.

On the flip, Ash and Mander (pictured left to right) looking entirely too angelic:
I have to give props to Two Urban for their ultra cool decor and innovative table lighting. Photo credits: Mander

Our din din ended with two very friendly valets, Eric & Isaiah, giving us a ride up to the Highlands to continue the debauchery. It didn't hurt that we heard a JT song on the way to the bars to get properly pumped.

I take no responsiblity for the following. It's lucky that none of us ever plan on running for office. (Right guys? Right?)

The besties:

Everyone looking good, except me. Am I even with it today?

Ash crashes out early (10:30p), ciggy in hand:

Gawd I lurve to text!

Obviously everyone loves texting as much as I do, since they're not paying attention to how I won So You Think You Can Dance:

Emma Sue wants YOU for the Army!

Smell my fingie!

No wait, smell it again!

And one more time, for posterity's sake. Ooh, that's rough.

Oh come on. You knew she'd pick up! She asked him if he'd shave a mysterious unicorn mustache, but he declined.

Grr, Mander, very grrr.

Ashley's new husband... well he thinks so at least.

Delicious and Refreshing! So ATL.

Well, that 'bout sums up our weekend (or at least the first 24 hours) in the big A. We did hit up a few other hawt spots over the rest of the weekend, the choicest of which I may review in another post. But for right now, I'll leave you with this little homage to our fair city, again courtesy of Mander-Pie.

Once upon a time hot biaches visited the 'Lanta
They had more jollies than good ole Santa.
Eating and drinking what a merry blast
A weekend like that can’t be surpassed.

We almost had a heart attack
When we saw that Zorro wanted his pants back.
Boozing it hard core at Two Urban Licks
Proved to be quite a hilarious schtick.

Shopping and dining and partying abound
We were on the prowl like a blue tick hound.
Nothing compares to a weekend with the ladies
For all the sins we committed, we’re going to Hades!

2 Say It Loud & Proud:

atlanta social said...

I am guessing you live near me, because that is my local liquor store in the picture.

Two, is very good. You try One, the original and get the goat cheese app.

Looks like you guys had fun.

emma sue said...

Oh, what a time...what a time. I had a blast and look forward to the next get together. And I might add that I have no recollection of taking the majority of those pictures.

Oh, and Atlanta has some damn tastey tuna tartar. Continue the quest!